We stock specialty ribbons, Jacquard trims, straps, braids and lace for theatrical and fantasy costumes, belly dancing, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Viking, Goth and Punk, Renaissance through Victorian, and flappers recreations, Medieval weddings, Tyrolean, Bavarian and other folkloric styles, Ethnic styles as diverse as Native and Central American, African, Middle Eastern, Bollywood inspired, Far Eastern and other Nordic or Russian styles. We have classic guitar strap trimmings. We have novelty kiddies trims and ribbons. We have popular Soutache and Russian braid. We carry sweet mini ball fringe. All for couture, costuming, uniforms, crafts, decoration and Ecclesiastical needs.

All our trims are woven, none are printed.

All the trims are stored at all times in closed bins, to keep them out of dust. Storing them in bins also protects from color changes, fading and discoloration. So you will receive pristine trims.